As first time parents sending our child to school was a very difficult decision. We chose Learning Ladders and know it was the right one. Our daughter is being cared for in a loving and nurturing environment. She is also learning many fundamental skills that will give her a great foundation as she embarks on her education. She is always excited to “go to School” that makes all of our days start with a smile!
A.J. Blueberry – Gooseberry Parent
We have our 9 month old son going to Learning Ladders since he was 5 months baby. Our experience with the management has been very good- they are nice, responsible, and accommodating. The teachers and the staff are really nice and cooperative and the atmosphere inside is very good. They take great care of our son, give us daily reports of his activities and keeps us well informed of his progress. Being a first time parent, I can say that I learn a lot from the teachers. They are experienced and often give me tips about how to take care of my little one even better. We are very pleased with the experience and highly recommend it.
A.B – Goldenberry Parent
Our 2.5 year old daughter has been enrolled in Learning Ladders for several months and the experience has been great. She has learned a great deal and really enjoys her teachers and classmates. The staff is always friendly and welcoming and take great care of her. They made the transition easy on us and our daughter and we would recommend Learning Ladders to anyone looking for child care in Jersey City.
L.S – Gooseberry Parent
Our daughter enjoys Learning Ladders tremendously. We have been sending her since she was 2yrs old and she has grown remarkably both socially and intellectually. We particularly appreciate the constant feedback we get from her teacher via daily notes and regular face-to-face meetings. Every time we meet class teacher, we can tell that she knows and understands our daughter well which gives us great comfort and trust. Thank you Learning Ladders!
W.L – Blueberry Gooseberry Preschool Parent
Our daughter started going to Learning Ladders at four months old. The teachers in infant class were so loving that we (first-time parents) were confident that our daughter was safe and happy there. She is now two and is excited to go to school every morning. She plays soccer, yoga, music and learns foreign language in her current class and always comes back home with new words, songs, and art projects. Her teachers and classmates have become her family. We also like the fact that the Learning Ladders has the least number of school closings,which is a huge plus for any working parents.
Y.P – Goldenberry Strawberry Blueberry Parent
My two sons have been attending Learning Ladders since June of 2014 and they have grown so much during this time. I have been extremely impressed by the variety of activities that the children are engaged in on a weekly basis (i.e. yoga, soccer, Spanish). What has been the most amazing is the transformation of my 3 year old son in the Pre K class. His knowledge of phonics and reading has really excelled far beyond my and my husband’s expectations. As a newly established school, Learning Ladders has done a good job creating a warm and safe environment as well as an exceptional curriculum.
D.J – Blueberry and Gooseberry Preschool Parent
Trusting someone else with your child especially at such a young age is not easy; however, each staff member at Learning Ladders made us very comfortable that our child is being well taken care of. Teachers are always helpful, respectful and pleasant. Overall school is bright, happy and filled with total care and love for children. The communication between staff and parents is excellent. Confirmation of all of that is that she looks forward to going back to LL everyday. She enjoys all activities, “gym” is fabulous. Using the camera system, I am also able see our daughter having wonderful time. Thank you all for your patience, love and understanding, and endless energy.
A.U. – Blueberry Gooseberry PreSchool Parent