2-2.5 Years
Students in our Gooseberry classroom are older 2’s. In our Gooseberry classroom students are given the one on one attention that significantly aids in their social and academic development. During circle time students learn concepts such as number sense and literacy skills. They continue to increase their fine and gross motor skills through various activities throughout the day.


Social/Emotional Development

Children at this age explore everything. They show a stronger sense of self and begin to expand their self help skills. Children at this age are more likely to begin developing friendships and playing with other children. They also begin to communicate more effectively with adults and other children. Some of the skills that children will begin to exhibit are:

  • Being assertive to their preferences and saying, “no” to adult requests.
  • Show awareness of their own feelings and communicate them to others.
  • Experience rapid mood shifts
  • Watch other children

Physical Development

Children have great leaps and bounds in their physical development. They begin to acquire additional fine and gross motor skills including the following:

  • Stack five or more blocks
  • Turn a doorknob
  • Hold crayons or pencils (but not as easily as an adult)
  • Draw a horizontal line
  • Manipulate eating utensils (but not holding them the way an adult would)
  • Suck through a straw
  • Remove shoes and socks
  • Work puzzles with knobs
  • Wash hands

Mental Development

Children at this age are continuously learning. Learning Ladders supports the continued development of the following skills:

  • Child will be able to understand the differences in sizes and textures. He or she will be able to differentiate between large and small, short and tall, soft and hard.
  • Child can tell you his or her name, as well as be able to identify some colors when asked.
  • Child loves to engage in pretend and make believe play.