Frequently Requested Information


Pre Admission Process

How do I schedule a tour?

We do personal tours during the school hours M-F. For this reason we recommend that you call or email the school in order to set up a time that works with your schedule. This also ensures that we are able to discuss with you in detail your family’s needs so we can determine how to best assist you. Each tour typically lasts up to 30 minutes during which time you are able to see our classes in action, meet with the teachers and get information about our school. We would love to meet with your child, so please bring them along if possible.

What is the procedure post tour?

After each tour we send a follow up email to see if you have any questions and to get your feedback. A tour is the first step towards building a long lasting relationship that is based on trust. For this reason do let us know if there is a way we help you with this important decision.

When will school notify me of openings?

School is generally able to notify parents of opening 1-3 months in advance for all classes except in the infant class where we are able to plan for about 6 months in advance.



Is tuition pro rated for mid month start or withdrawal?

Tuition is not pro-rated despite the start date or the end date and full month’s tuition is due.

Is tuition due if my child is absence for any reason or school is closed?

Full tuition according to child’s schedule is due on the 1st of the month irrespective of absence, closings, vacations or holidays.

Is there a sibling discount?

There is 10% sibling discount on total monthly tuition. A sibling gets preference in admissions over new incoming registrations.


Child Development

How am I notified of my child’s progress?

We always believe in open and continuous communication with parents. As such, each day each parent receives individualized report through Parent-School App called Tadpoles for their child that outlines the day at our school supported by the pictures of various activities done in class. School also send monthly newsletter that has class calendars, updates from school, events being help that month and other pertinent details.

When is my child moved up the class?

We place strong emphasis on age appropriate learning. Due to this in our EEC we move children year round to the upper class based on age appropriate milestones, new class’s expectations and when children turn of age. In our PS children are moved up at the beginning of each new school year in September where they stay till June and spend next 10 weeks in the summer camp. This time serves as a transition time to the next class.

Can I set up a time to meet with the teachers?

We plan formal Parent Teacher Meetings for all ages 3 times a year to discuss child’s progress. In addition to this we encourage families to email or call school to come discuss your child’s progress. Please note that school remains open during the time PTMs are being held.