2.5-3 Years
This is the preschool prep class for children who are not yet three year and are looking to enter PreK3 class in fall. At this age each day is a new day and little minds are tiny bundles of excitement and curiosity. We provide a challenging environment within defined boundaries as children are growing. Our teachers engage them in key activities ranging from science, mathematics, language, social and physical development.

They begin to explore the outside world by interacting with invited guests, taking trips and participating in structured activities. We nurture each child’s creativity, independence and original instinct by encouraging them to explore, discuss, co-operate, share and collaborate. This bridge class prepares the children for the Pre-School.


Social/Emotional Development

Children at this age can hold their strong feelings inside a little bit, but their feelings can easily burst out in a rush of excitement, fear and frustration. Losing control of such big feelings can be very frightening for them and they need lots of physical contact and reassurance that they are lovable. They are sometimes able to imagine how other people feel, but most of the time their own feelings of jealousy and loving passion for the people in their family are so strong that they don’t have room for imagining other people’s feelings.

Children at this age copy the actions of adults and other children. This is why it is so important for parents and teachers to be positive role models and act in a way that children are able to look up to and imitate.

Physical Development

Children at this age are confident in their physical abilities. Many become very adventurous and common accomplishments at this age are:

  • Child will be able to jump with both feet together. Child will be able to hold crayons and scribble on paper.
  • Child will be able to run and play chase.
  • Child will be able to ride a tricycle.
  • Child will be able to dress himself or herself.
  • Child will be able to climb.
  • Child can feed himself or herself.
  • All primary teeth should have emerged.

Mental Development

Your toddler’s language is probably developing very quickly at this stage. This development allows parents and teachers to:

  • Get some idea of what is going on in your child’s world inside her head. You are two separate people who are beginning to communicate through a conversation and this can be very exciting.
  • Often her words or sentences don’t make sense to you, but clearly the more she is successful in getting her message across the more she will want to communicate with you.

At this stage children should be accomplishing many things including:

  • Many children are naming lots of things such as dog, ball, drink, and by the end of this year most are saying short sentences.
  • Many children are able to follow an instruction such as ‘bring your shoes here’.
  • They will still get ‘you’ and ‘me’ mixed up sometimes.
  • Most children of this age will not be able to say all of their words clearly. Some sounds are much harder to say than others